Service to Society

Oru Pidi Ari

Oru Pidi Ari - ( A Fistful of rice) By the Tiny Tots- 70 Kg of Rice to Asha Bhavan

ONAM kits

It was decided that the students would pool money and distribute ONAM kits to 40 different poor families These kits included all the necessary items for them to have a sumptuous meal. Students had identified 40 families in keeping with the RUBY JUBIlEE CELBRATIONS of the Vidyalaya

Kuttanad in Alleppy district of Kerala was the worst and earliest affected in flood ravaged Kerala. Students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya have empathized and contributed substantially to a relief project intitated by the daily Mathrubhumi-‘A supporting Hand to Kuttandu’ contributing essential items like bedsheets, towels, soaps, Dettol bleaching powder, biscuits, pulses, candles etc.

A Helping han This year X-mas cakes were distributed to 40 deprived families in Pottore

Lunch packet distribution

Teaching and non- teaching staff of the Vidyalaya distributed food packets to the needy in the town on 14.11.2017.

Donation of books

Donated 300 books toRamavarmapuram Government Schools on 13.11.2017

Class 12th students donated study materials like books,pens etc to NSS Boys hostel on 14.11.17

Class 11 along with their teachers embarked on a social service venture by distributing lunch food packets to the needy as part of Gurupurnima celebrations.

The zest and zeal of students to "Share" and "Care" for the people who battle for survival is incredible. By being generous in the service of the community, the students decipher the meaning of life. The children wholeheartedly foray into the world of communal service and to salvage this spirit, our school has initiated myriad programmes to strengthen this "bond". For example:

Reach Swasraya Visit

Students of Class 9 celebrated Christmas in a different way. They visited the differently abled children at Reach Swasraya and entertained them. Each child carried a gift for one of the inmates of the organization.

Oru Pidi Ari

As part of the ‘Oru Pidi Ari’ inititative 50Kgs of rice was collected from classes 3 to 6 and this was donated to Asha Orphanage , Ramavarmapuram on 20th February 2017.

A talk on Road Safety and Traffic Awareness was organized by the Jana Maithri Police station, Viyyur. Shri. A P Mukundan addressed the students of Class VIII and spoke on road safety.

A talk on Interactive Software for Entrance Coaching.

Concern for Tribals

  • The students of our Vidyalaya visited a Tribal Colony in Wynad to hand over medicines, clothes and money. The money would be utilized to construct a well, the group had an interaction with the tribal elders and children and could gain an idea of their way of life.
  • The students contributed willingly to purchase iron tablets, which were supplied to the tribal women of Attappady, where poverty is endemic.
  • Responding positively towards the appeal made by Sri.Vijay Menon during his talk on 15-6-2015 students of 11th Std. generously contributed an amount of Rs.14,595/- for buying sleeping mats for the Tribals of Wyanad District. These mats were handed over to the representatives.

A Helping Hand to Chennai

Our school extended a helping hand to the Chennai's rain affected citizens. Understanding the immediate requirements of the rain ravaged citizens of Chennai, the young children responded clarion call of the needy proving the fact that compassion and generosity still prevail in their heart.

Annadanam at Govt. Medical College, Thrissur

Teachers served lunch to the patients of Govt. Medical College, Thrissur, on the auspicious occation of H H Swami Tejomayananda's Birthday.

Service With A Smile (SWAS):

"Service With A Smile" is the holy mantra which we voice and value - to decorate our life with joy by serving with a smile for someone who is in need. Children willingly drop money into the donation box kept in the school portico which is channelized for the needy.

Pain and Palliative Care

"One Rupee, One Life" Scheme was embraced by our student community. It encourages each child to contribute one rupee from their pocket money to be used for Palliative Care.

Swasraya Reach Us

A day of fulfillment for the students of Class IX. Once a year, the students of Std. IX visit Swasraya Reach Us and try to illuminate the dampened spirits and bring joy to the lives of the differently abled children there by befriending them and bestowing gifts upon them.

Orupidi Ari

Heralded a scheme of contributing a "fistful of rice" each day, which is distributed to the nearby Orphanages and Old Age Homes, once in a month. A valued opportunity for the students to visit these shelters, interact with the inmates, learn about their lifestyle and appreciate their endurance and courage. As part of this scheme, the students also serve food and porridge to the patients in hospitals in the town. These activities discover the latent humanitarian qualities and bring about a holistic development in the children.