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Gurudev Uvacha

In all worthwhile undertakings, there will be risks of failure, of disappointments, of even disaster. To face them all with inner poise and firm faith is to discover the glory of final victory. A conquest, without facing dangers, is as dull as victory without a shining glory. A game without a prize!

by H H Swami Chinmayanandaji

Guruji Uvacha

Cultivate the thought," Divinity alone is present everywhere." Feel the presence of God everywhere soon, this feeling will become a part of your life, forever. Where there's love, there is no room for violence, hatred, enmity or jealousy. By divinizing our thoughts, emotions and actions, directing them towards the Higher, we will eventually resolve all our problems.

by H H Swami Chinmayanandaji

Chinmaya Vidyalaya

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